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Achieving Graceful Shutdown of Node.js Application in Docker on Kubernetes Cluster

In the dynamic landscape of containerized applications orchestrated by Kubernetes, ensuring graceful shutdown of services becomes imperative. This is particularly crucial for Node.js applications running within Docker containers, where abrupt termination can lead to data corruption or loss of in-flight operations.

Streamlining Correlation IDs in Node.js Microservices

In the intricate world of microservices, making sure communication flows smoothly and debugging is efficient is extremely important. Among the many tools available to us, correlation IDs stand out as essential tools, especially in event-driven architectures.

Insights from the Video Advertising Summit in Hamburg

Step into the Astor Film Lounge in Hamburg's Hafencity, where the industry recently convened for a snapshot of the video advertising landscape. From the central role of FAST Channels to a surprising fire alarm interlude, the summit's highlights offer a glimpse into the dynamic shifts and challenges shaping the future of video advertising.

What We Learned by Scaling Our Application

Scaling an application is a pivotal milestone in its lifecycle. It demands meticulous preparation, robust tooling, and a keen eye for optimization. In our journey of scaling, we encountered various challenges and uncovered invaluable insights. Here's a recount of our experience and the lessons we've learned.

RapidStream at IBC Amsterdam 2023

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam has always been a hotbed of innovation and progress in the broadcasting and media industry. That’s why we’re very excited to introduce RapidStreams’ ad mediation service during this year's IBC, together with our partner XroadMedia.

Navigating Multi-Tenancy and User Experience with Clerk: A Deep Dive into RapidStream's Approach

In the realm of modern software solutions, catering to diverse user needs while maintaining data integrity and security is a complex challenge. RapidStream, has leveraged the powerful authentication and authorization tool Clerk to craft an approach that balances multi-tenancy, security, scalability, and user experience. In this article, we delve into the architecture and strategies that power RapidStream.

Event Sourcing: The answers to our open Questions

On monday we published a post with a lot of open questions about event sourcing. Today we will give some answers to these questions.

Event Sourcing: Managing Command and Events, Referential Integrity, and Global Settings

Event sourcing is a powerful architectural pattern that enables developers to build scalable, resilient, and flexible systems. By capturing and persisting a series of events, it provides a historical record of state changes and allows for easy auditing, debugging, and system evolution. In this blog post, we will explore three common scenarios related to event sourcing: managing commands and events, ensuring referential integrity, and handling global settings

Our frontend stack

Our customer panel is the most important link between our customers and our services. Therefore, it needs to be fast and easy to use and the question arises: Which technologies are best suited for this?

The AdMediation Service for FAST Channels

Streamline your streaming platform's ad integration with AdMediation. Increase engagement and monetization opportunities through enriched ad targeting, dynamic ad duration adjustments, and effortless application of business rules. Partner easily with other platforms, maximize revenue with inventory sharing, and enjoy ad-free streaming for specific contexts. Optimize your ad integration and focus on your core business with AdMediation.

Are ads the future of streaming?

Streaming services have revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. They have given us access to a vast library of content that we can watch anytime, anywhere. With the rise of free streaming platforms, the focus of streaming companies has shifted from providing a wide range of content to engaging individual users.

Our favorite streaming links from April

Here are the most interesting links around the streaming world we stumbled upon in the last month. We’ve written a short summary for you, but a detailed look is recommended.

Hello World!

Hello world! In this post we give you a brief overview of what RapidStream is about and what we're up to with it.