From zero to ad – Your Account

RapidStream provides a cutting-edge solution for integrating Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels with seamless advertisement stitching, leveraging Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) technology.

Account creation

The first step will be to create a RapidStream account, so let’s head over to our browser to sign up. Go to As you can see, you can now log in if you already have an account or simply sign up using this link. Fill in your name, your email address, and choose a password. You will get an email with your verification code; simply paste that here. Perfect! So before we can start, we need to create an organization.

Create an Organization

Let’s create an organization. If you have other team members, you can invite them in this step. I will skip that for now. Now we have an account and can start working in the panel. Your first task now is to pause this video, head over to our panel, and create your account. And after that, we will see you back here and continue in the panel. Okay, so it’s your turn now. See you in a minute!

Welcome back! So hopefully everything worked fine for you. You have your account and you have an organization, and we can continue.

So the first thing we want to do before anything else on the panel is to head over to your account icon in the top right, go to access tokens, and now we want to create an access token. I will name mine demo-token. And now we need some Scopes, and for now, we will simply add both scopes for this token. And I will give it a date; let’s say it should be valid until the end of July because it’s just for the presentation here. You might consider setting a date further in the future or even setting it to never expire. But be sure if you really need that. So for now, I said we will set both scopes.

Later on, when you’re working with the system, you may create several tokens with different scopes so you can use them in different use cases. For now, we will simply create the token, and it appears here. And now this is important: copy your token to the clipboard, save it in your password manager somewhere where it’s safe, because now if we reload this page, I will show you it’s gone. So you won’t be able to see that token again. It will be shown to you once. You have to copy it; you have to store it somewhere safe. You can, of course, at any time revoke your token and create a new one, but then you have to set up your system again and probably change the tokens there. So be aware to save your token somewhere safe so we can continue with our journey here through the admin panel.

So now as we have our tokens, we can start using the panel, and we can even start injecting data into the RapidStream system. So in the next part of this video series, we will create ad servers and ad rules, look at kill switches and the settings, and get your system up and running. But that’s part of another video, and I hopefully see you there. Bye-bye.