Kill Switches

In this video we show you, how to create kill switches in the RapidStream Panel.

Welcome to another RapidStream tutorial! Today I’m eager to guide you through the intricacies of our KillSwitch feature. As you’ve seen in previous videos, we’ve set up AdServer configurations and AdRules. Now, let’s explore how KillSwitch can elevate your control over ad displays.

Understanding the Need:

Imagine scenarios where displaying ads might not be ideal. For instance, users of a paid iPad app shouldn’t be bothered with ads, considering they’ve already invested in the app. This is precisely where our KillSwitch feature comes into play.

Initiating KillSwitch Configuration:

To get started, simply navigate to the KillSwitch tile or use the convenient navigation panel. Click on the KillSwitch page and create a new KillSwitch. For demonstration purposes, let’s focus on creating a KillSwitch for our iPad app.

Defining KillSwitch Conditions:

In the details view of the KillSwitch, the next step is to create definitions that determine when the KillSwitch gets activated. In our example, we want to exempt users of the paid iPad app from seeing ads. We start by targeting iPads through the user agent.

Refining Definitions:

However, a user on an iPad browser should still see ads, so we refine our definitions. Using a custom tag, we introduce the concept of a “paid customer.” Now, users of the iPad app send a specific key-value pair, and if the value is one ( indicating an active subscription), the KillSwitch activates.

Enabling the KillSwitch:

After crafting precise definitions, the final step is to enable the KillSwitch. Once enabled, it actively responds to the conditions set, ensuring users with active subscriptions on the iPad app won’t see any ads.

Versatility of KillSwitch:

The beauty of the KillSwitch feature lies in its versatility. You can create multiple KillSwitches tailored to various scenarios. For instance, you might want to implement a KillSwitch for users of a particular TV brand or offer ad-free experiences during special events like Christmas.


With KillSwitch, you wield unparalleled control over when ads are displayed. Create and manage KillSwitches to enhance user experiences, run targeted promotions, or provide special offers. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help! Stay tuned for more insights in our next video. Until then, bye-bye, and thank you for joining us!