Getting started

Learn how to get started with RapidStream by creating a free account and do the basic setup.

What is RapidStream?

Through the implementation of RapidStream, we have curated a service designed to maximize the potential of your FAST channel streaming experience, coupled with sophisticated ad stitching.

Our platform offers unparalleled flexibility in selecting ad servers, liberating you from the constraints of vendor lock-in. Additionally, it facilitates seamless collaboration in sharing ad inventory with your content partner. Elevate your revenue streams by automatically selecting optimal advertisements, thereby ensuring a lucrative and tailored approach to ad placement.

First steps with RapidStream

To get started with RapidStream, you need to create an account. You can try out our system for free, even without providing any payment information. This way you can look around and try out things. But keep in mind that some parts of our service will need your payment information on order to work. So, as soon as you are ready, you can add your payment information and start using our service in full capacity.

Start by:

  • Creating an account
  • Make yourself familiar with our system - we have recorded in depth videos you can find in our documentation
  • Dive in even deeper with the help of our API documentation
  • Create ad server configurations and get used to our features

Where to go from here?

Once you have an active account and you are familiar with our system, you can start integrating our API into your streaming workflow. You can then:

* At this point you may want to have a look at our pricing page, as you will only be able to requests VAST documents if you have an active subscription.

Questions and Feedback?

Once you have started using our service we would appreciate your advice about what we can improve and how to improve it. Share your thoughts in a one-to-one meeting. You can book a free time slot here.