Ad Rules

In this video we show you, how to create ad rules with inventory shares and definitions in the RapidStream Panel.

Welcome back to another RapidStream tutorial! In our previous session, we explored the creation of AdServer configurations. Today, we will delve into the world of AdRules, leveraging the AdServers we set up earlier. Follow along as we create and fine-tune AdRules to optimize your ad management process.

Creating an AdRule:

To get started, click on the AdRules section tile. The first step is to create a new AdRule. Give it a name, and you’ll find yourself in the details section, where you can enable or disable the rule, customize the name, and configure the main settings. The AdRule details resemble those of AdServers, featuring tabs for inventory share and AdRule definitions.

AdRule Definitions:

Let’s begin with AdRule definitions. Here, we set conditions for triggering the AdRule. For instance, we can specify that the AdRule should activate when a particular country is matched. In our example, we choose Germany or Switzerland. Additionally, we can define criteria such as the vendor being ‘example.’ These definitions collectively determine when the AdRule will be triggered.

Inventory Share Configuration:

Moving on to the Inventory Share tab, we need to allocate percentages to different AdServers. Unlike other sections, here, explicit saving is required. You can create multiple inventory shares, each totaling 100%. Let’s say we create a 50-50 share, allocating 50% to AdServer 1. Another 50% share is then split between AdServers 2 and 3. You can adjust priorities, ensuring AdServer 3 takes precedence over AdServer 2, for example.

Fine-Tuning Inventory Shares:

The real power lies in the ability to fine-tune your inventory shares. You can easily modify percentages, add or remove shares, and adjust priorities as needed. The system ensures that your shares sum up to 100% before allowing you to save.

Enabling and Saving:

Once you’ve configured your AdRule and inventory shares, it’s time to enable the AdRule. Don’t forget to save your settings! This step is crucial, especially when dealing with inventory shares, as the system ensures a balanced distribution.

Creating Multiple AdRules:

With one AdRule mastered, you can create additional rules to address different scenarios. Create a second AdRule, define conditions, and configure unique inventory shares for each combination of AdRule definitions.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated the world of AdRules in RapidStream. By mastering these configurations, you gain the flexibility to tailor ad displays to specific conditions and efficiently manage your advertising strategy. Feel free to explore more AdRules, experiment with different definitions, and fine-tune your inventory shares to achieve optimal results. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. See you in the next tutorial!