Streamline your streaming platform's ad integration with AdMediation. Increase engagement and monetization opportunities through enriched ad targeting, dynamic ad duration adjustments, and effortless application of business rules. Partner easily with other platforms, maximize revenue with inventory sharing, and enjoy ad-free streaming for specific contexts. Optimize your ad integration and focus on your core business with AdMediation.

We are quite certain that advertising is the future of streaming. Those who want to monetize their own streams without relying on a subscription model will inevitably have to turn to advertising.

However, normally integration is complex and time-consuming. It needs to be flexible and managed and controlled. When should which advertisement be shown? How long and how frequently? And which AdServer should be addressed?

This is where our AdMediation service comes in.

Think of it as an abstraction layer that sits above the ad server, a central place for your business logic.

With the increasing number of FAST channels, there is also an increasing need for programmatic integration of advertisements. The obvious approach would be to request an ad server and pass its response unfiltered and unprocessed to your SSAI or CSAI.

However, you are missing out on some optimization opportunities by doing so. Streaming service providers already have the opportunity to increase their user engagement and earn more money per ad break.

For example, by enriching with context. Ad requests enriched with contextual information can create better ad targeting, resulting in advertising with higher engagement.

Such context can be applied at different levels:

  • Request context: What streaming environment are we in? What device is being used, what resolution?
  • EPG context: What is the user currently watching?
  • User context: What are the interests of the viewer? In general, such as hiking, cars, food, and in the current situation, such as during a family movie night.

By processing the ad server response, we know the length of the ad break and pass this information to the Playout engine, which can dynamically adjust the ad duration so that viewers always receive an optimal advertising experience and the chances of them leaving are reduced.

We achieve this by filtering advertisements based on its video quality, omitting advertisements that are repeated too often (frequency capping), and skipping empty ad responses.

Streaming service providers also have the ability to apply their own business rules to ad breaks quickly and easily with us.

Our AdMediation inventory share feature makes partnering particularly easy to accomplish. If there is a partnership with various platforms, the ad breaks can be divided between the partner’s ad servers. You can easily configure the distribution of requests to the ad server through our UI.

Our waterfall feature takes care of ad breaks that cannot be filled by a partner. Gaps can then be automatically filled by other partners.

The AdMediation kill switch feature allows you to set rules to play ad-free streams based on context, for example, for all Apple TV users.

With our AdMediation service, you can accomplish all of this, manage your ad servers and ad rules, and make it easier to monetize your FAST channels, allowing you to focus on your core business instead of wasting time on integration and configuration.