The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam has always been a hotbed of innovation and progress in the broadcasting and media industry. That’s why we’re very excited to introduce RapidStreams’ ad mediation service during this year's IBC, together with our partner XroadMedia.

Enhancing Ad Delivery with User-Centric Data

Our team has been hard at work developing an ad server abstraction layer that takes ad mediation to the next level. This innovation is set to bring personalized advertising experiences to viewers like never before. How? By enriching the ad request process with user interests, we’re creating a win-win situation for both advertisers and viewers.

Traditionally, ad requests were made based on factors such as streaming session data and contextual information from the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) catalog. However, this year, we’re taking things a step further by incorporating standardized IAB Taxonomy values. This enables us to create a more comprehensive profile of the viewer’s preferences, ensuring that the ads they see are not only relevant to the content they’re watching but also aligned with their personal interests.

Empowering Personalization through Collaboration

Collaboration has always been at the heart of innovation, and our partnership with XroadMedia exemplifies this philosophy. Through our collaboration, we’re utilizing XroadMedia’s cutting-edge recommendation engine, Ncanto as a Data Management Platform (DMP). This engine excels at transforming user IDs into a refined list of user interests, ensuring that the advertisements delivered are in perfect sync with each viewer’s preferences.

The technical aspects of this innovation are equally fascinating. By enriching Ncanto with EPG Catalog data provided by our customers, we’re enabling it to transform insights into user interests. Additionally, user watch behavior tied to specific EPG entries for which ads are requested further enriches Ncanto’s machine learning algorithms. This iterative process ensures that user interests are continuously refined and updated, leading to an increasingly personalized ad experience.

Elevating User Engagement and Revenue Generation

Imagine a scenario where a viewer tuning into a FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) channel is not only captivated by the content but also finds the advertisements to be tailored to their interests. This is the power of the RapidStream ad mediation service. By aligning advertisements with user preferences, we’re not just increasing engagement with the channel, but also reducing churn rates and enhancing user watch time.

From a business perspective, the benefits are manifold. Our customers stand to gain higher revenue through an increase in the number of ads shown due to extended watch times. Furthermore, the average Cost Per Mille (CPM) of premium ads delivered is set to rise, as the alignment of ads with viewer interests enhances their effectiveness.

Experience RapidStream at IBC Amsterdam

Excited to see this service in action? Our partner XroadMedia will be showcasing a live demonstration of the ad mediation service at IBC booth 5.H62. Get ready to experience firsthand how personalized ad mediation is set to transform the way we engage with content and advertisements.

If you’re keen to dive deeper and explore the possibilities this innovation holds for your business, mark your calendars for Friday, September 15th. We’re opening up appointments via Calendly, giving you the chance to connect with us and learn more about how this innovation can be seamlessly integrated into your broadcasting strategy.

We’re excited to meet you on the IBC 2023!